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Roger Dodd is an experienced trial attorney, teacher, author, consultant, and expert on cross-examination techniques. Admitted to practice law in 1976, Roger has gone on to publish multiple books and resources for lawyers, law school students, and the general public about the law.



Media Skills: The Lawyer as SpokespersonCross-Examination: Science and Techniques, Second edition
Now in its second edition, Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques by Roger Dodd and Larry Pozner is the ultimate tutorial for investigating facts, developing theories, establishing themes, and persuading juries in court. It teaches attorneys to enhance their cross-examination skills, bolster their confidence, and streamline trial preparations. Its covers a wide range of topics, including how to:

  • Use a fact-driven investigation to develop a winning theory
  • Use a witness's own words to follow your theme and theory
  • Communicate winning theories in opening, cross, and closing examinations
  • Use tactical sequencing to create the most powerful cross-examination
  • Convert a witness's silence into admission of fact
  • Punish the evasive or "I don't know" witness
  • Use timing, posture, inflection, diction, wording, eye contact, and other effects to emphasize a witness's concession

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